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Knitting is a wonderful hobby that is not only relaxing and enjoyable, but also allows you to create beautiful clothes, accessories and all sorts of home decorations. At first knitting might seem a bit of an intimidating task therefore here on this website you will find easy to understand tutorial videos for beginners, tips, advice and ideas for knitting works.

Knitting has been my hobby for years and in addition to helping me relax after a busy day at work, it also enables me to use my creativity and provide my family with beautiful and unique hand-knit sweaters, cardigans, hats, scarves, gloves and mittens and even warm socks for the winter. When friends and acquaintances see my works, they often say they’d love to learn how to knit but knitting seems like a difficult and daunting task. I beg to differ. Knitting is not difficult at all once you learn the basics. Therefore on my website you will find easy to follow instructional videos for absolute beginners, essential information about knitting materials like needles and yarn, tips and tricks, knitting patterns as well as pictures of my work, which hopefully will give you ideas and inspiration.

Thank you for visiting my website. Enjoy your stay and Happy Knitting!

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