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Cast On Stitches

How to Cast on Stitches: Method 2

There are many ways to cast on stitches for knitting, however, this method is the best one when you need a firm and well defined end of your knit work. To cast the stitches: From the ball of yarn pull a thread about 2-3 times longer than the width of your knit work – this will be your tail. Then make a slipknot, slip it onto the needle and pull the working yarn to tighten the loop. Hold both the tail end and Continue reading

How to Cast On Stitches

The first thing you need to do when you start knitting is to cast on the stitches. That is the first step in any knit work. The number of stitches you need to cast depends on the width of your work. The stitches have to be as wide as your work will be. However, don’t worry about that because all knitting patterns state how many stitches you need to begin with. So here is a simple way to cast on along with a video tutorial. For casting stitches you need only one needle, so for now put the other needle aside. Continue reading

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