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How to Cast on Stitches: Method 2

There are many ways to cast on stitches for knitting, however, this method is the best one when you need a firm and well defined end of your knit work. To cast the stitches: From the ball of yarn pull a thread about 2-3 times longer than the width of your knit work – this will be your tail. Then make a slipknot, slip it onto the needle and pull the working yarn to tighten the loop. Hold both the tail end and the working yarn with your ring finger and little finger. Stick the thumb and index finger between the two threads – the thumb goes under the tail – and spread your fingers. Now one thread will be draped around your thumb and the other around your index finger. With the needle go under the loop on the thumb, then over the yarn on the index finger and back through the loop on your thumb. Pull the yarn to tighten the stitch onto the needle, but not too tight. Repeat until you have as many stitches as you need. Now you are ready to begin with the actual knitting. However, don’t knit the first stitch on the second row – just transfer it to the other needle. This is done in order to get the working thread in position for knitting the next row and to get a nicely shaped rim.

How to Cast on Stitches: Method 2 – video

How to Cast on Stitches: Method 2 How to Cast on Stitches: Method 2 How to Cast on Stitches: Method 2 How to Cast on Stitches: Method 2

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